Below you will find our list of questions most commonly asked by attendees, speakers, and presenters participating in the annual State of the Public’s Health conference at the University of Georgia.

Event Space

Where is the event held?

General Information

When is the conference?

Thursday, October 24, 2024

Is there a virtual option?

No, the conference is taking place in person, and sessions will not be recorded.

Do I need to wear a mask?

Face coverings are not required, though they are welcomed and encouraged. We ask that you please make your choice to wear a mask based on your own assessment of comfort and risk, and respect the choices of others.

How do I register for the conference?

Registration information is still pending. Once capacity is reached, registration will be closed.

Are there hotel rooms available at the Georgia Center?

Yes. You will have the option to book a hotel room when you register. To change or cancel your hotel reservation, call (800) 884-1381 or (706) 542-2134.

Where should I park?

There is self-pay parking available at UGA’s South Deck, which is adjacent to the Georgia Center.

I am a student, do I need to register? Do I need to pay the registration fee?

Yes, all attendees, including students, need to both register and pay the conference registration fee.

What should I wear?

The dress at this event is business casual. Please note that the Georgia Center meeting rooms run cool. Please plan your dress appropriately.

Where do I check in on the day of the event?

Check-in for the event will be at the Conference Registration Desk (see this Georgia Conference Center Map for reference).

I have dietary restrictions. Who should I speak with?

Dietary restrictions should be indicated on the registration form or during the registration process.

Information for Breakout Session Presenters

I’m a conference presenter. Do I need to register and pay the registration fee?

Yes, all conference attendees, including presenters, pay the registration fee.

Do I need to check-in?

Breakout session presenters will need to pick up their name tags and registration packets at the registration desk.

Where will my session be?

When you check in at the registration desk, you will receive a conference program, which will have all sessions and their assigned rooms listed. A Georgia Conference Center map will be included in this information packet.

How many people will be in my session?

Room sizes vary from a capacity of 50 to 75 persons. The actual attendance of each session is difficult to predict. If you are planning to bring materials to share with attendees, we recommend bringing 75% of the maximum room capacity.

How is the room laid out?

The default room set up is a lecture style with long tables set up facing the front of the room.

Can tables be rearranged? Can I make a request about my room set up?

Yes, but we need to have that request at least two weeks ahead of the event. Tables cannot be moved on the day of the event.

Is there technology in the session rooms?

Yes, there are AV resources in each room, including a PC laptop connected to a projector — please feel free to bring your presentation on a USB drive or on your personal laptop. If you bring your laptop, we recommend that you have your own dongle / adapter cord. We will have our team on hand to help with technology. Please print any materials you would like to share with your attendees with you as we will not have printing capabilities at this location.

Do I need to send my slides to you?

No, please bring your slides on a USB or laptop.

How long is my session?

Sessions are 75 minutes long, and we’d like to reserve 10 – 15 minutes for questions.

Will my session have a moderator?

Yes. This individual will introduce all the panelists and keep time for the session.

Information for Poster Presenters

Where do I check-in?

There will be a check-in desk for posters in Hill Atrium (see the Georgia Conference Center Map at the beginning of the document). Check-in will begin at 7:30am. Poster presenters will also need to check-in at the registration desk to receive their name tags and registration packets.

Will you provide push pins for posters?

No. Please bring your own push pins.

How do I know where to put up my poster?

There will be a check-in desk for posters in Hill Atrium (see the Georgia Conference Center Map at the beginning of the document). Conference staff will direct you to the correct poster set-up locations.

What should I expect as a poster presenter?

The presentation is an informal, one-on-one discussion with the author, who should remain at the display during viewing times (8:00-9:00am and 12:30-1:45pm).

How large should my poster be?

Each presenter is assigned a 5’ by 5’ section. Your poster must fit on the provided board (maximum poster size is 4.5’ by 4.5’).

Please note: No special equipment, such as audio-visual projectors, are permitted. Your entire presentation must be attached to the poster board.